May 2018

Knife is the Principal Sponsor of The Village | 宝岛一村 Singapore  

As part of our continuous support for the arts and culture, Knife brand was proud to be the Principal Sponsor for The Village by Performance Workshop from Taiwan, presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. After an international tour of over 200 shows that saw widespread acclaim in Taiwan, China, the US and Singapore, The Village returned to Esplanade this year with sold-out performances on 25 – 27 May.

In 1949, the Kuomintang (the Chinese Nationalist Party) retreated to Taiwan after the civil war with two million people from mainland China. Within a few years, 800 military dependents’ villages were built all over Taiwan, with each family having roughly 30 sqm of space. Construction was cheap and temporary, with the thought that they would be going home soon. Inside the village gates, various Chinese dialects were heard and a variety of dishes enjoyed. Years passed and soon, those who once dreamt of returning to the mainland realised that this was their home.

“Big-hearted”, “accessible”, “humorous” and “obscenely tear-jerking” were some of the phrases used to describe this heart-warming play by internationally celebrated Chinese playwright and director Stan Lai.

A Scene From The Play Left: Stan Lai, Playwright / Director (赖声川,编剧/导演);
Center: Whang Shang Ying, Executive Director;
Right: Ding Nai-Chu, Producer (丁乃竺, 监制)

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