May 2013

Knife & Antabax - the BrandLaureate Top Ten Signature Brand Awards 2013 Malaysia  

KNIFE was awarded The BrandLaureate TOP 10 Signature Brand Awards by the Asia Pacific Brand Foundation (APBF) on May 28 2013.

In selecting this year’s theme, Your Brand - a Timeless Classic, APBF believes that brands should be daring and charge into the business biosphere with the belief and faith that they have what it takes to become a timeless and classic brand, using innovative branding technique to make the brand immortal.

This award is another strong encouragement for our KNIFE brand journey towards brand immortality.

Concurrently, ANTABAX also emerged as a winner for the third consecutive year under the product branding awards category for Best Brands in Consumer - Antibacterial Care.


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